Build your dream pool with styrofoam bricks


Would you like to fulfil your dream of having your own pool? Build it DIY with a bit of craftsmanship or by a contractor, our styro stones make it possible.

Whether you are a wholesaler, pool supplier or end customer, you will find exactly the right Styropor stones at Thermopool.

But why do more and more customers decide to build a pool with styrofoam bricks?

  • Self-construction: Due to the light weight of the styrofoam stones, the walls can be erected quickly and without much physical effort. The low weight also means no backache.
  • Simple: Erecting the pool is easy, because the styrofoam bricks are simply placed on top of each other.
  • Variable: There are hardly any pool shapes that cannot be built, so you can come very close to your dream pool.
  • Thermal insulation: The pool walls directly include insulation.  This extends your bathing season, because approx. 20% of the heat is lost through the pool walls.


Also available with Neopor bricks.