Our product range: Styrofoam stones and Neopor stones for pool construction

Quality Styrofoam Stones PS40g Economy PS25g

Price examples rectangular pools

Prices are without VAT. Freight prices vary depending on the size of the pool and location and are between 300-400€.


Pool depth 1.50m for the polystyrene stones only


Dimensions length x width Stone price totals for the economic styrofoam pool with PS25g stones Stone price totals for the quality styrofoam pool with PS40g (ideal for foil)
Meters [m]


Styrofoam stones


Styrofoam stones

5 x 3 1.212,54€ 1.596,06€
6 x 4 1.473,90€ 1.947,66€
7 x 3 1.473,90€ 1.947,66€
8 x 4 1.735,26€ 2.299,26€
10 x 4 1.996,62€ 2.650,86€
10 x 5 2.127,30€ 2.826,66€



Pool Bricks: Styrofoam- and Neopor stones for the end customer, but also for major customers, directly from the producer

Quality PS40g
High-density styrofoam stones (PS40g)
Economy Y PS25g
Styrofoam pool: Styrofoam stones with PS25g for the small budget
Pool Wholesaler
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